26. Leicester, UK.

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Cloned myself 👊
Got twitter?

@ bretttfreestone

I want new people to follow! Seeing as I’m currently on like 3 hahaha

Sundayyyyy 👊
As if

crystal castles have split.

Gutted man

Finding a house with a tree sticking out the ceiling was pretty cool.
Yes lynch! 2016, I’m so stoked it’s happening #twinpeaks
I’m not cherishing the thought of not being able to go outside without a jacket now 👎
Look of disgust hahah
This took all my money & there’s a good chance I wanted it more than life.
Glued to my phone 📱
Not been running since I’ve been on holiday, gonna die 👊
Hung about with these guys 👊 (at The Grand Masters Palace, Rhodes)